Founded in 1922 as the Report of the Annual Meeting (from 1966-1989 published under the title Historical Papers) the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association / Revue de la Société Historique du Canada publishes papers in English and French in any field that opens up new avenues of historical enquiry, explores a subject previously treated in a fresh and promising fashion, and/or employs a method or approach of interest to historians working outside the narrow specialization of the paper in question.

The Journal seeks to represent historians working in Canada, both those researching Canadian history and those focusing on other regions. One way we do so is to invite scholars to submit revised versions of their papers presented at the annual meeting. We also accept article manuscripts not presented at the conference but that make similar contributions to our understanding of Canadian history and/or that disseminate the work of historians with connections to Canada.


Editor-in-Chief | Rédacteur en chef
Benjamin Bryce, University of British Columbia

Co-Editors | Corédacteurs
Donald Fyson, Université Laval
Nicole Neatby, Saint Mary's University
Donna Trembinski, St. Francis Xavier University

Managing Director | Rédactrice adjointe
Emma Awe

Editorial Assistant | Adjoint·e à la rédaction

Editorial Committee | Comité de rédaction

Jason Ellis, University of British Columbia
Martin Pâquet, Université Laval
Anthony Steinhoff, Université du Québec à Montréal
Elsbeth Heaman, McGill University

Mary Anne Poutanen, McGill University, Concordia University
Andrew Nurse, Mount Allison University
Crystal Gail Fraser, University of Alberta


Cheryl Thompson, Toronto Metropolitain University
Robert Englebert, University of Saskatchewan
Funké Aladejebi, University of Toronto
Jeremy Maron, Canadian Museum for Human Rights 

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